Beach Layout

As the 2021 season approaches and we all make plans to bring our boats down to the beach the committee have looked at allocating areas of the beach to certain size boats this year, attached is the proposed layout, this will be explained further in the zoom call on the 24th March – invite to follow. As you will see we have 6 defined areas on the beach with a mix of single handers, medium sized double handers, large double handers and club boats. There is approx. 72 spaces available and we anticipate 68 boats coming to the beach this year so space is at a premium, this and logistics whilst manoeuvring boats in and out of spaces has led to this plan being made up. 

  • Area 1 & 2 should be used for medium sized double handers (for example Ents, Laser 2000’s etc)
  • Area 3 should be used for large double handers (for example RS400’s, Laser 4000’s, Int 14s etc)
  • Area 4 is for club boats 
  • Area 5 & 6 should be used for single handers (for example lasers, solos etc)

 The spacing of the tyres have been checked and the above boats should fit in just nicely, once the mats are re-laid in the planned beach clean-up at the end of March and start of April the layouts should become a lot clearer. A copy of the plan will be posted in the window of the club as an aid when people come to the beach. Kind Regards TSC Committee


Tynemouth SC adopt the RS400

Tynemouth Sailing Club are pleased to announce the decision to adopt the RS400 fleet as an adopted class within the club. This will be the first new class adopted at the club for over 20 years, joining the already established classes of Lasers and Enterprises.

There are 10 400’s at the club already, ranging from newcomers to National and European regulars. The fleet is really on the up, regular in-club training days are being held to help newcomers get up to speed with the boat, and RS association coaching days to fine tune our racing skills. With the inaugural RS400 open event being run from Tynemouth SC on in 5/6 June, and the 2021 UK Nationals are being held across the river at South Shields – this year is looking great for the Tynemouth RS400 fleet. 

Over the last 3 years, under the leadership of Dave Gebhard (Trident UK), the club has invested heavily in the future. During this time, the club has acquired a new committee boat, new RIBs, new outboard engines, new training 2000s, and completed a refurbishment of both bars in the clubhouse. The club is gearing up to host the 2021 International 14 POW this August, along with a full sailing calendar for club racing on both a Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoons.

To be a part of it – please view the club website @ or contact the TSC RS400 fleet representative Neil Schofield @

Photo taken by Colin Edgar


International 14 POW Cup at Tynemouth

Tynemouth Sailing Club are pleased to announce the hosting of the International 14 class for this year’s POW Cup Week between the 2nd and 6th August.

Tynemouth has a long history with the International 14 Class and the POW Cup, first hosting the event in 1984 and again in 1994. A long 27 years later we look forward to welcoming the latest generation of Int 14 boats and sailors to the club. In 2019 the club held the Int 14 Estuary Bowl as a warm up to the then planned 2020 POW & Europeans with great success. Since then, we have worked closely with the class association to improve & refine our offering, and planning to bring the fleet back in 2021.

Tynemouth has long standing links to the International 14 fleet, both on and off the water. Some of our current members sailed the 14’s as far back as the 1970s and are a big part of the team helping to bring the POW back to Tynemouth. A large number of the boats competing will have been built by Ovington Boats who are based less than a mile from TSC. Their latest offering, the Beiker 6, is the current World Championship winning design.

This regatta is being organised primarily by Adam Ovington, Howard Steavenson (who competed in the ’94 POW) and Nathan Batchelor (Ovington Boats UK sales manager and TSC Commodore). For further details on the event please contact Adam Ovington, email

1994 POW Cup winning crew Ian ‘Bunny’ Warren gave us the below comments about his and Andy Fitzgerald’s win some 27 years ago.

“I remember the Race well.. about 8 to 12 knots, 3rd or 4th at the top and 1st after the downwind… The only boat to challenge us a bit was Roddy Bridge, sailing with Andy Green I think. Fitz had set us up fast, and I was doing tactics. We started to pull away to a comfy win in the end, despite the wind dropping towards the end and Mr Fitz getting nervous. It was the first time for both of us to win, at my fifth attempt, but Fitz’s 20th or something… he was really happy!

“The prize-giving was at the Grand – great fun, with some famous names on that trophy, still proud to have won it! The club as always was so friendly and great racing with likes of Peckish, Kevin and Trotter etc.”