Guidance For Race Officers / Safety Boat

Race Officer (RO)

Has overall responsibility for sailing
Week before racing
• Contact other Committee and Safety boat members to confirm availability.
• Check safety boat usage; it may be in use for Sunday Morning Training
before racing.
• Consult Race Program for race format.
On race day
• Check weather forecast
• Meet ARO and Safety crew at Royal Quays
• Call Harbour Master (VHF channel 12 or ‘phone) to check shipping
movements – shipping information is also linked from the club website
• Make contact with TSC using VHF/telephone
• Set course
• Record results including lap times for handicap fleets and helm’s name. All results should be recorded on the pre-printed triplicate race sheets and a copy given to SSSC for joint races.
• Responsible for convening Protest Committee if necessary.
Start times


Race Officer Duties are shared with SSSC. TSC provides a race officer team of two people (PRO & ARO) every other week. A TSC safety team of two people is provided every Sunday when racing is held.
Two ‘back to back’ races will be held each Sunday afternoon as detailed in the programme. The start time for Sunday racing is 2.00 pm prompt unless otherwise noted in the programme. All Sunday races will be held jointly with South Shields Sailing Club. All races will be handicap races and the number of laps sailed by each boat as well as the start and finish times must be recorded. (The Race Officer should ensure that the race finishes at the same place as it starts so that only whole numbers of laps are sailed.) Sunday races will normally have a single start using the ‘Handicap Class’ flag which is ‘IC Numeral 8’. (White triangle with red cross). RO’s should ensure the line length is sufficient.
Race Officers should note the names of TSC helms whenever possible to ensure results are credited to the correct person, as boats and sails are often lent to others.


Race Officer Duties are shared with SSSC. TSC provides a race officer team of two people every other week. A TSC sfaety team of two people is provided every week.

Assistant Race Officer (ARO)

• Meet RO at TSC/Royal Quays on race day
• Provide support in committee boat

Safety Crew

• Meet RO at TSC/Royal Quays on race day
• Stand by as fleet launches
• Ensure fleet keeps clear of commercial shipping. It is important to ensure boats do not impede ships on the fairway, which have very long stopping distances. The safety boat should display flag F to inform approaching dinghies that they must keep clear of the fairway and pass behind any approaching ship well before it might need to take avoiding action.
• Accompany fleet to and from race area and provide cover during