Member’s Boats Checklist

Dinghy Class / No_______________ OK Comment

• Hull in good repair
• Fittings and toestraps in order
• Halyards long enough and good condition
• Jib sheets long enough, diameter OK, good condition
• Shrouds/forestay no protruding wire strands
• Shroud pins and rings taped
• Rudder OK, including downhaul
• Sails in good condition
• Paddle (not singlehanders)
• Highfield / jib luff tension device OK.
• Gooseneck
• Boom and mainsheet
• Jib fairleads/cleats
• Kicking strap
• Tiller including retention and extension
• Buoyancy bags /tanks/hull (check empty)
• Bungs and bailers
• Burgee
• Centreboard /daggerboard including stiffness / stay down
• Hull integrity/leaks

Last two items to be commented on after going afloat.


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