Payment Policy

Friday Night sailing Volunteer manned; no payment.
School courses Staff provided by the school will not be paid.
Instructors and safety boat crew will be offered payment
Club courses eg RYA 1 and 2 adult courses. In the event that there are sufficient voluntary club member personnel available to man the course no payment will be made.
If external instructors or safety boat crew are recruited and paid then all personnel will be offered payment.

Payment shall include the offer of out of pocket travel expenses either actual public transport expenses or actual additional car mileage paid on the basis of 40 mpg x current fuel price.

Instructors and safety boat crew may choose to waive offered payment in which case the monies saved will accrue to the club.

Payment rates shall be as determined from time to time by the Training Principal based on rates paid for casual staff by other training centres.

RYA instructors or coaches paid for by the RYA and provided free to TSC shall be deemed to be volunteers not paid staff for the purposes of this policy.

Current rates are; Dinghy Instructor £50 per day £30 per half day. ( Based approximately on £7 per hour rounded up.) Experienced rescue crew e.g. long serving members of TSC and senior members of Red Seal have been paid the same.
There is no current Senior Instructor rate as the Senior Instructors have always given their services free. There is however no reason why an SI should not be paid.

Prospective Dinghy Instructors may be sponsored by the club either arranging for them to be trained free or paying their fees. In either case the instructor shall repay the nominal or actual fee by giving their services for free for an equivalent number of days. (Not including Friday Nights.) Should they not discharge this obligation within 24 months of their course they shall reimburse the club in cash.

Prospective Senior Instructors or Powerboat Instructors may be sponsored by the club at the discretion of the Training Principal and the General Committee.