Post Incident Emergency Procedure

This procedure shall be implemented after any of the emergency services ( Ambulance, Coastguard, Police or the RNLI ) have been called or attended someone who has been injured, immediately they have been sent to hospital and other participants cared for.
It may also be implemented at the discretion of the SI in charge of a training session.

• If a death has occurred the Police must be informed immediately and all equipment left “as is” to be investigated. ( Crime Scene )
• Everyone participating should be secured inside the building and cared for particularly those directly involved. Arrangements for collection should be made. All other personnel should be excluded.
• A death must NOT be reported to next of kin. The police have specific procedures for this. Until they have done so the name must not be released or confirmed.
• An injury should be reported to next of kin with details of the hospital to which they have been taken. This will normally be done by the SI.
• A press statement should be prepared. This should initially express the club’s regret at the incident and concern for the injured. It should keep any description of the incident to a minimum and be strictly factual. The statement should be approved by two main committee members, normally including the Training Principal.
Any contact by the press requesting information or interview should be immediately referred to the SI without any comment. Information given by the SI should be confined to the press statement. Only the Training Principal or if he is not available a main committee member may respond on behalf of the club.
Students should be warned that the press may contact them.
• Record who has contacted the club at the start of any conversation; name and contact details ; whoever they may be.
• Everyone who was party to or witnessed the incident should write a factual statement of what happened, immediately they have changed. The statements should be signed and dated and be kept by the SI. The SI may ask witnesses supplementary questions AFTER they have written their statements. Question and answer should be recorded. ( Note that detailed memory deteriorates especially overnight so it is very important to take statements as soon as possible.) This should be done away from the club/press.
• The RYA ( 023 8060 4181 ) should be informed as early as practicable.