Safety Boat Equipment List

Every boat whether used for safety or instruction should be equipped as follows;

  • Outboard permanently secured to transom, or if removable bolted on with a bolt where a bolt hole is provided and if not secured with a safety line.
  • Kill cord N.B. After an outboard has been started and before the boat is moved the kill cord should be pulled so that it detaches to check that it stops the engine. i.e. that it is functioning correctly.
  • Fuel line
  • Full tank of fuel, or part tank with a full tank in reserve.
  • Boat anchor.
  • Paddles (ribs, not committee boat)
  • Towing warps (at least 2)
  • Heaving line
  • Bailer
  • Dry bag or equivalent dry storage containing
    • Survival bag
    • Gloves ( for handling jellyfish contaminated warps )
    • First aid box (containing bandage to staunch bleeding and resuscitation mask.)
    • Hooter
    • Spare kill cord
    • Tool Kit (Honda supplied and multitool.)
  • Knife; this may be in dry storage or taped to the seat bracket (RIBs) It will float but is normally attached by a long line to allow use without loss if dropped.
  • Inflation pump. (RIBs only)
  • Fenders (committee boat)
  • Flare pack (Searider & VSR RIBs; Doris, Daphne and Committee Boat) N.B. The small white Highfield beach launched RIB is only to be used in company with at least one Searider RIB.
  • Fire extinguisher (Searider & VSR RIBs and Committee Boat)
  • VHF handheld radio
  • Radio Emergency Card, Training Area Charts, (Encapsulated and kept in RIbs / committee boat)

N.B. Only Searider or VSR RIBs are to be used as safety boats for RYA courses.