What to Wear – Children

You will be given a wetsuit to wear. If you have your own then bring it.

Underneath the wetsuit you need to wear a t shirt and pants. These may get damp so you need to have dry ones to change into at the end of the session.

If you have a long sleve t shirt or one which is made from synthetic fibre bring this as it is warmer than cotton.
Do not bring swimming shorts; they may be too bulky to tuck into a wet suit.

Bring a sweatshirt to wear over your wetsuit to help keep you warm. You may be given a windproof top ( a spraytop ) to wear on top of this.

You will be given a buoyancy aid to wear on top of all clothing to keep you afloat if you fall in!

Bring an old pair of socks and old trainers which can get wet. We will provide some wetboots but may not have sizes to fit everyone.

Bring a hat; a woolly hat or a baseball cap is suitable. This is important as you loose a lot of heat from your head.

Bring a towel.

Check ; t shirt, spare pants, socks and old trainers, sweatshirt, hat, towel.

It is best not to take glasses afloat. They can easily get knocked off and lost overboard. If you have to have glasses to see when you are afloat they MUST be tied on. A special cord or a shoelace can be used.