Laser Club Boat Rigging

All the Club Lasers should be the same – there will only be 3 control lines to connect. Of course that means there are only 3 control lines to disconnect after sailing: Quick eh !

(The only thing that changes if you swap to a radial is…remove the kicker from the long mast, reconnect it to a shorter mast base. )

1. Once you’ve got the sail on the mast & into the mast step, put the boom onto the gooseneck. At the other end, clip the outhaul onto the end of the sail. Oh – and missing from this is the need to use a clew strap (velcro or piece of rope to tie) to connect that all to the boom!

clip to connect sail to outhaul

2. Back to the mast end now, and attach the shackle to the mast at the top of the gooseneck. Its a screw that goes thru the 2 holes in the gooseneck

shackle adds the outhaul to the mast

3. Finally, run the outhaul through the sail & clip the loop on the end to the carabina that’s on the top of the kicker.

carabina for cunningham downhaul



The pictures lower show other tips

4. The downhaul / cunningham is best rigged to one side only of the  boom. In practice, unless its a new sail and the wind is howling – that wont make much difference. But its a good habit to get into


5. When you are tying a knot in the mainsheet, use a figure 8 – and keep it on the “mast side”. This helps the mainsheet run better – and you can pull the boom “block to block”