Induction List

A new club can seem a bit complex – so we’ve put together a list of things you might want to know about at the club. Print it off and use it as a checklist if that works for you. There are plenty of club members who can help you find your way around, or help you tick off the list if you want.

• Door key and code
• Who opens the main door and when
• Radio
• Hose
• Padlock code
• Winch
• Galley Tea/coffee/lunch arrangements
• Cleaning
• Club boat fees and payment
• Engine room: location, access, contents
• Boathouse key
• Changing room code
• Beach Bar opening arrangements

• Arrangement for boats
• Club boats
• Mats
• Winch anchor point
• Launching and retrieval
• ‘Tin’ (aluminum) boats
• Parking
• Access
• Contents
• Usage: storage, workshop, club boat gear
• Lean-to: contents
• Morgue: contents

Sailing program
• Season
• Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
• Sailing instructions
• Open meetings
• Sailing area
• Sailing from other places
• Duties

Royal quays
• Ribs, committee boat, radios

Club Management
• Yearbook
• Committee
• Monday Club
• Assisting/ getting involved
• Socials
• Open meetings
• Beach working parties
• Fleet captains