RIB launch and retrieval

Clip the bow line carabiner into the loop of the orange strop. (This is vital; if you don’t the boat will hit the wall and damage the motor.)
•Board the boat and fit the kill cord and ignition key.
• Lower the motor. Pull the elephants trunk draining tubes up.
• Check fuel state and open the breather.
• Get out of the boat.
• Stand on the Jetty finger with your feet outboard of the bow line and orange strop, or on the pontoon at the bow of the RIB.
• Give the boat a good heave and once she starts to move let go.
• Pull the boat back to the finger, board, start the engine.
• Crew unclip the carabiner, board and off you go.
• Approach the berth at low speed, throttle at tick-over.
• Turn in to line up with the berth. (If the wind is really strong you may need to do this against the wind.)
• Put the bow against the blue first cradle; leave the engine in gear at tick over to hold it there.
• Steer to angle the engine to get the boat as well lined up as possible.
• Centre the engine.
• Move the throttle firmly to about three quarters forward.(This will normally take the boat most of the way onto the dock.)
• Give a final high power burst of throttle to get the boat all the way on.
• Engine off.
• Get out, secure bow line. (This is needed immediately rather than later to ensure the boat does not slide off and relaunch without any restraining line, which has happened with weight at the stern.)
• Re-board, engine up, elephant’s trunks down.
• Rinse engine in fresh water (either Attach muffs and hose OR attach screw on hose) , turn hose on, restart engine and run for 2 mins.
• Hose and Muffs away, shut breather, return keys, note any issues in the book. (Only flush the engine through if you have been trained to and make sure that the tell-tale is working within 15 seconds of starting the flush.)
What if you can’t get the rib on the dock  – please park it in the nearest vacant berth and report that to R.Quays & Committee Member