Safety & Race Office Duties

Whenever we sail we need powerboat support – it makes for a safer experience- and someone has to keep score when we are racing. Rather more seriously – its part of the operating rules we have agreed with Port of Tyne.

So at the start of the year a duty rota is published and most of the club members will be on the list 2 or 3 times. See this page for the rota this year We will allocate duties with 2 things in mind: Your level of expertise to make sure you can fulfil the duty & the dates you can make.

After you are allocated a duty at the start of the season – after diary discussions with Howard S, it is up to you to either do the duty on the date, OR arrange a swap with someone else using Spond for communications. Please let Howard S know after you have arranged the swap as he sends reminders out prior to the duty with relevant information, so its useful if it gets to the right people. 

Each duty has a lead and an assistant: As new or inexperienced members you will be “assistant to” and although the 1st session might seem a bit confusing, you will soon get to know what’s required.  volunteering alongside an experienced race officer or safety boat crew will be valuable experience. 

We typically run power boat courses to give people the knowledge & confidence to drive the ribs and provide safety cover for the rest of the team. An early season safety boat refresher is normally run by Joe Welsh