Committee & Safety Boat Operating Procedures

Location & Access

The TSC Committee  Boat “Buoy Racer” is moored on Row A of the Royal Quays Marina NE29 6EU.;  at berth No A2.

TSC Safety Ribs “Daphne” and “Doris” sit on their ‘Tetradocks’ on berths A4 and A6 adjacent. Row ‘A’  is closest to the river to the left of the marina entrance gangway. See here for satellite picture with boats marked

Entry to the marina is via a locked gate at the top of the entrance gangway which is opened by a 4 digit code supplied by the marina reception.

Keys and Equipment

The ignition keys for all three boats are kept at the Marina Reception.

Duty Race Officer and Safety crews must collect the relevant key from marina reception and return same after their duty. Upon return any ‘issues’ relating to TSC boats or equipment must be recorded in the TSC ‘Maintenance Book’ which is held at Marina Reception.

Committee Boat “Buoy Racer” and safety rib “Daphne” (larger rib) have  marine VHF radios fitted on board.  There are 2 TSC portable hand held VHF radios kept at marina reception for use in safety rib “Doris” (smaller rib) or as a ‘back-up’ on “Buoy Racer” or “Daphne”. All hand held VHF radios must be returned to Reception after use.

Prior to launch crews are advised to test that VHF radios are operating correctly 

Channel  80 for Royal Quays Marina

Channel 12 for Tyne VTS (Port of Tyne / Harbour Master)

Channel 37A  (alias Channel M) as TSC & SSSC operating VHF channel

Prior to launch crews must check fuel levels and if necessary radio marina reception to request a fuel top-up at the Royal Quays fuel pontoon situated on the quay immediately outside the lock.

Neat petrol for all the boats. (C’ttee boat 2 stroke has oil fed by long lasting built in oil tank in engine which is topped up by Sailing Sec).

Tetradocks & Locking Out of the Marina

An instruction video on use of the club’s Tetradocks is here

Individual tuition on use of the Tetradocks can be arranged by contacting the Sailing Secretary.

Exit the Marina via the lock. Use Channel 80 to request lock opening. Entry to the lock is controlled by traffic lights at each end of the lock. Dead slow in the lock and moor as far forward on pontoon as possible using breast lines. Listen for lockmaster’s instructions and stay aboard.

On the river to the Estuary

Always stay to the starboard side of the river and stick to 6 knot speed limit upstream of South Shields Groyne. Approx 10 minutes from marina to the Estuary.

Return to Dock

Stick to speed limit on the right side of river and use Channel 80 to request lock in. Mount the tetradock, secure rib, and flush engine using TSC collapsible ‘X-hose’ (hanging on tap) which screws directly to engine coolant hose on side of engine. Do not run engine during flush (2 minutes min) & re-attach coolant hose to engine on completion of flush.

Isolate battery on Daphne (Knob in bottom locker)

Replace cover to Buoy Racer and “Daphne”,  & please,  return keys & handheld VHF to Marina Reception before you leave.