2022 Sailing Calendar

See below the 10th January DRAFT calendar for activities at the Haven.

DateDaySunsetStart TimeHigh TideTSC Event/ActivityDuty Club
05-FebSat10:00RYA Powerboat Instructor CourseTSC
04-MarFri10:00RYA Powerboat Instructor CourseTSC
05-MarSat10:00RYA Powerboat Instructor CourseTSC
06-MarSun10:00RYA Powerboat Instructor CourseTSC
26-MarSatSat00:009.36Beach & Club ‘Clean up’ + Boats out of BoathouseTSC
27-MarSun14:0012.06Early Summer Seriess Races 1 & 2TSC
30-MarWed19.3918.0015.14SunUp-SunDown Race 1SSSC
03-AprSun14.0017.47Early Summer Series Races 3 & 4TSC
06-AprWed19.5218.3019.32SunUp-SunDown Race 2TSC
10-AprSun14.0010.51Early Summer Series Races 5 & 6TSC
13-AprWed20.0418.3014.12SunUp-SunDown Race 3SSSC
16-AprSat14.0016.08Easter ‘Supercup’ Regatta – RS 400s & LasersTSC
17-AprSun14.0016.45Early Summer Series Races 7 & 8TSC
20-AprWed20.2019.0018.52Wednesday Series Race 1TSC
24-AprSun14.0010.25Early Summer Series Race 9 & 10TSC
27-AprWed20.3319.0014.03Wednesday Series Race 2SSSC
01-MaySun14.0016.46Early Summer Series Races 11 & 12TSC
04-MayWed20.4719.0018.31Wednesday Series Race 3TSC
08-MaySun14.008.52Early Summer Seriess Races 13 & 14TSC
11-MayWed21.0119.0012.29Wednesday Series Race 4SSSC
14-MaySat10.0014.54TSC OPEN DAYTSC
15-MaySun14.0015.37Early Summer Series Races 15 & 16TSC
18-MayWed21.1319.0017.53Wednesday Series Race 5TSC
22-MaySun14.008.57Early Summer Series Races 17 & 18TSC
25-MayWed21.2419.0012.34Wednesday Series Race 6SSSC
28-MaySat10.0015.06RYA 1 Course (1)TSC
29-MaySun14.0015.45Early Summer Series Races 19 & 20 Trophy DayTSC
01-JunWed21.3419.0017.36Wednesday Series Race 7TSC
04-JunSat10.0019.34RYA 1 Course (2)TSC
05-JunSun14.007.38Early Summer Series Races 21 & 22TSC
08-JunWed21.4219.0023.26Wednesday Series Race 8SSSC
11-JunSat14.0013.29TSC RS400 Open MeetingTSC
12-JunSun11.0014.21TSC RS400 Open MeetingTSC
12-JunSun11.0011.33 Club Races with SSSCSSSC
15-JunWed21.4718.3016.53TSC Week – Midsummer Series Races 1 & 2TSC
16-JunThur21.4718.3017.45TSC Week – Midsummer Series Races 3 & 4TSC
17-JunFri21.4818.3018.39TSC Week – Midsummer Series Races 5 & 6TSC
18 -JunSat14.0019.35‘Supercup Saturday’- Short-course races – All classesTSC
19-JunSun13.007.43TSC Long Race (Pursuit) – Tyne Goblet & Class TrophiesTSC
22-JunWed21.4919.0023.49Wednesday Series Race 9SSSC
25-JunSat11.0013.4TSC LASER / ILCA Class Open MeetingTSC
26-JunSun14.0014.41Early Summer Series Races 24 & 25TSC
29-JunWed21.4819.0016.44Wednesday Series Race 10TSC
02-JulSat10.0018.36RYA 2 Course (1)TSC
02-JulSat17.0019.35Ladies & Junior Regatta – Ladies Trophy & Priory CupTSC
03-JulSun14.0019.15Early Summer Series Races 26 & 27TSC
06-JulWed21.4519.0021.23Wednesday Series Race 11TSC
09-JulSat10.0011.49RYA 2 Course (2)TSC
10-JulSun14.0012.55Early Summer Points Races 28 & 29TSC
13-JulWed21.3619.0015.52Wednesday Series Race 12SSSC
17-JulSun11.0019.19Late Summer Series Races 1 & 2TSC
20-JulWed21.2919.0022.01Wednesday Series Race 13TSC
23-JulSat10.0012.19RYA 2 Course (3)TSC
24-JulSun14.0013.23Late Summer Series 3 & 4 & ‘Paddles’ Trophy DayTSC
27-JulWed21.1819.0015.52Wednesday Series Race 14SSSC
31-JulSun14.0018.14Late Summer Series Races 5 & 6TSC
03-AugWed21.0519.0020.04Wednesday Series Race 15TSC
07-AugSun14.0011.16Late Summer Series Races 7 & 8TSC
10-AugWed20.5019.0014.51Wednesday Series Race 16SSSC
14-AugSun14.0018.09Late Summer Series Races 9 & 10TSC
17-AugWed20.3419.0020.21Wednesday Series Race 17TSC
21-AugSun14.0011.41Late Summer Series Races 11 & 12TSC
24-AugWed20.1819.0014.55Wednesday Series Race 18SSSC
28-AugSun14.0017.16Late Summer Series Races 13 & 14TSC
31-AugWed20.0118.3018.53SunUp-SunDown Race 4TSC
04-SepSun12.009.37Late Summer Series Races 15 & 16TSC
07-SepWed19.4318.3013.47SunUp-SunDown Race 5SSSC
11-SepSun14.0017.05Late Summer Series Races 17 & 18TSC
14-SepWed19.2518.0018.59SunUp-SunDown Race 6TSC
18-SepSun14.009.41Late Summer Series Races 19 & 20TSC
25-SepSun12.0016.15TSC Club Championships & LS Series Races 21, 22 & 23TSC
02-OctSun14.008.16Late Summer Series Races 24 & 25TSC
08-OctSat00:0015.24End of Season ‘Supercup’ Regatta – RS400s & LasersTSC
09-OctSun14.0016.03Late Summer Series Races 26 & 27 & Trophy DayTSC
16-OctSun14:008.02Late Summer Series Races 28 & 29TSC
23-OctSun14.0015.08Commodore & Soc Sec’s Wedding Race DayTSC