Social Sailing

A lot of what we do looks challenging for beginners – but no ones going to judge you for not sailing well yet. It isn’t difficult to get the basics and be able to sail around a bit. Mastery takes longer and theres plenty of interesting things to learn and many very good sailors around happy to share knowledge

For those looking to develop skills we run a weekly coaching session, normally on a Sunday morning

For those happy with their skills and just wanting time on the water in relatively benign conditions we run social sailing Organised at relatively short notice of 3 days maximum, but occasionally arranged in the morning for that afternoon.

Conditions will “normally” be moderate wind & near high tide for easy launch and recovery.

These sessions are normally about 2 hours, but could be longer if conditions were right.

Information is sent to members by email, posted on the Facebook & Spond groups for a wider audience

This can be sailing for parents ( or grandparents) with children, returners to sailing not wanting to race (yet)

Interested? Keep an eye on Spond & respond as appropriate.