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Lasers at Cragside

What an interesting day I’ve had – helping Wolfgang install 3 modified lasers onto the top lake as part of Cragside’s 150th birthday celebrations. The photos reproduced on the sails are from Armstrongs work on electric discharge patterns. There is a plan to get a few people from the club up-to Cragside 31st August for a sail as well. Anyone interested please talk to Wolfgang who has the details.

Anyone up for opening a book on how often they need attention during the 6 months planned for them to stay there?


Laser Sailors views sought

Did you know we have 25 laser owners?!  We have; ( or will have next season) we’ve just counted. Imagine if we all sailed at once!  The sailing committee have been tossing around a few ideas for getting “more people sailing more often , more people racing more often” to quote the RYA’s current refrain. These include as possibilities

  • A pre-race training session on Sunday morning
  • Rescue cover for those who want to go and do a bit of pre-race tuning or practice with a training partner on a Wednesday.
  • Joint sailing with South Shields on some Sundays.
  • A review of starting times on Sundays and Fridays
  • Some Sunday cruises as last year, including one on Great North Run day.  
  • Handicap racing on a Sunday
  • Use of personal handicaps
  • Different race formats ; more and shorter, pursuits.
  • Different race courses ; triangle sausage, trapezoidal, windward leeward etc.
  • Named “Buddies”: two levels ; a training buddy ( same standard ) and a mentor.
  • A number of coaching sessions from external coaches which could be Saturday, Sunday or Friday Night. I have already asked the local RYA official to budget for 8!

However we cannot sensibly decide these in glorious isolation. We need to know your constraints, your wishes, your thoughts about what we do to make next season attractive and accessible for you.             We need to do this soon to sort out the programme. So we would very much like your presence at a TSC Laser Class

Meeting to be held on Wednesday January 2nd at 20.00 hrs at the club. ( New Year hangovers should have subsided and if not you can have a “hair of the dog”.) The bar will be pre-warmed and the beer cold.