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Notice Of Race: Tynemouth Sailing Club At Newburn Slipway


A Long Distance Race on the tidal River Tyne




SUNDAY  20th March  2016


VENUE:  Competitors to launch from Newburn Slipway on the tidal river Tyne upstream of Newburn Bridge on the North Bank of the river adjacent to Newburn Sports Centre. Changing facilities available in the Sports Centre. The race shall start from a line adjacent to the slipway.

PROGRAMME:  First Class Start at 12.00 am. A long distance race upstream of Newburn Bridge.  Race time approx 2.5 – 3 hours – depending upon conditions on the day. Separate start for each class unless numbers dictate an all class start.

TIDES:  High Water at 13.40

RACING RULES:  The Race to be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016

BRIEFING:  There will be a briefing in the dinghy park prior to the race. This will not be held before 11.00 am

SCORING:  The race result for each class will decide the prize-winners.

SERIES:  The Result of the race for National Twelves to count towards the 2016 Old Spice Travellers Series.

ENTRY FEE:  £14.00 per boat for National Twelves  (to include Old Spice Levy)

£12.00 per boat for Enterprises

£10.00 per boat for Lasers

APRES SAIL:  Competitors are encouraged to congregate after racing at the Keelman Public House where real ale and a selection of good pub fayre will be available.

Bart Bash: Sailing Instructions

BART’S BASH (incorporating) TSC Club Championships

Sunday 21st


September 2014


The Event will be governed by the rules as defined in the ‘Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-16’, the class rules for each competing class of boat, the Bart’s Bash Notice of Race (bartsbash.co.uk), and these sailing instructions.

Schedules Of Races

  • Race 1: 11.00 am – (Both TSC and SSSC Competitors)
  • Race 2: to Follow (Both TSC and SSSC Competitors)
  • Race 3: BART’s BASH RACE: 2.00pm (ditto)

Racing Area

All races will be started from the Committee Boat located in either the North Bay (outside the harbour to the north of the North Pier) or; in the South Bay (outside the harbour to the South of the South Pier) or; in the Harbour itself.

Harbour courses 

Harbour courses will be shown by the display of letters and/or numbers on a board near the bow of the committee boat displaying the first letter of each mark in the order they must be rounded. Each letter (or number) will be displayed in either red (port) or green (starboard) on a white background indicating the side on which they should be left.

Sea Course

A Sea Course will be a triangle. The direction of rounding will be indicated by a red (marks to port) or green (marks to starboard) flag being displayed from the committee boat staff. If a mid leg start/finish gate is laid then competitors must pass through the gate on the first (windward – if possible) leg of each lap. If no gate is laid both the start and finish lines will be between the committee boat staff and the (same) adjacent course mark.


One massed start for all competitors using Numeral 8 Flag (Handicap Class Flag) for the Warning Signal.

RRS 26 to apply (ie 5,4,1,off)

Late Finishers

18.1 Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes of the first finisher will be scored DNF.

Rules Disputes

20.2. The RYA Arbitration procedures and the (20%) Exoneration Penalty of the RYA Rules Disputes Procedures will be available to competitors. See Club SI’s or RYA Website for details.


TSC Club Championship will be scored by reference to the aggregate of finishing scores from all three races using standard PY ratings for each class of boat. However each competitor’s worst result from Races 1 or 2 will be discarded. (ie: To qualify competitors must start Race 3 ‘BART’S BASH’). All 3 races to count in TSC Late Summer Series

BARTS’S BASH score to be derived using ‘The Bart Number’ as described at www.bartsbash.co.uk

TSC Trophies:

  • ‘Elma Cup’ for 1st Overall (PY) TSC Club Championship
  • ‘Round Table Shield’ for 1st Enterprise (overall)
  • ‘Zannusi Cup’ for 1st Laser (overall)
  • ‘Bates Cup’ for 1st Handicap class (overall)

Social : A ‘BART’S BASH BARBECUE’ at Priors Haven after Sailing – All Welcome (Especially SSSC Competitors)


Download the Sailing Instructions here Bart’s Bash 2014 SI’s


Notice of race Sat 14 / Sun 15 July 2012


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 14 TH & 15TH July 2012

VENUE: Racing to be held at sea or on the Tyne Estuary, depending upon conditions.

Access to the water from Tynemouth Haven on the north bank of the Estuary adjacent to Tynemouth Castle. Changing and refreshment facilities available in the Clubhouse. Camping is permitted in the Port of Tyne ‘Blockyard’ approx 100m from the clubhouse.
PROGRAMME: 6 races programmed over the two days.

First race on Saturday Start at 2.00 pm. 2 nd & 3rd races  to follow (back to back). Sunday’s racing to start at 11.00am. 2 further races to follow (back to back). CLASSES: Separate starts for each class.

TIDES: High Water at 12.52 hrs on Saturday July 14 th and 13.57 hrs on Sunday 15 th July

RACING RULES: All races to be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012. The Exoneration Penalty and RYA Arbitration of the Rules Disputes Procedures will be available to competitors. See official Notice Board for details.

BREIFING: There will be a briefing in the clubhouse at 1.00 pm on Saturday 14 th July.
SCORING: If 4 or more races are sailed, one result may be discarded. Scoring as per Appendix A low point. ENTRY FEE: Enterprises: £20.00 per boat. Lasers: £15.00 per boat. Enter on arrival in Clubhouse. Sailing Instructions will be provided on receipt of entry.
APRES SAIL: A ‘hog-roast’ will be held at the clubhouse after sailing on Saturday. Please buy tickets (£5.00 each) at reception. Competitors and their friends are also of course invited to congregate in the bar where further refreshment is offered