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TSC Regatta on July 20,21st

We need a number of people who won’t be racing to assist with the event, so please let us  know if you are willing to help. Ashore we need help with admin and galley, and afloat someone to assist with mark laying (training will be given), Race Officers assistants, and possibly rescue. If you can help with any of these please advise Ian Ainsworth or any member of Sailing Committee

Coastal Communities Grant

A quick update on the above. The funding received by the council earlier this year did not allow for improvement works at the Haven. The feedback as to why, seems to point to bids that got through being more effectively linked to employment opportunities. Which the Haven one does not contain. The same conditions apply to the 2nd round of CCG bid applications. So sadly not possible to put in a bid in with any confidence.

But you never know, future opportunities might arise. Discussions with the council indicate that they will keep this as a live matter and, as and when new grant bids open up, they will be explored.

So for the time being keep those rubber mats in place !!

Coastal Communities Grant

Dear members.

An update on the above. We got formal notice from the council this week that the £1.9 million awarded to the council DID NOT include any funding for the proposals for a slipway etc at the Haven. The council have not received as yet notification as to why the Haven plans have not been funded, nor detail of a possible re-submission later in the year.

The committee are considering what this means for us as a club and will ensure clear communication to members as to the options available to us.



Coastal Communities Grant

We talked about this grant at the AGM and the possibilities it holds for the club. There was some hope that news of the application made through the council to Government, would be known by very early 2013 but to date all is quiet. Hope is not lost though and word is that the outcome is delayed- not lost.

Part of the proposal is the possibility of a ramp at the Haven and we’re pleased to get word that trial holes are to be dug at the Haven beach next week to get samples ahead of any work to put down foundations. It is one small step for tired sailors………..we shall see