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Ladies Trophy Racing – This Sunday

Some of you might have noticed that the year book advertises that this coming Sunday that the first two races ( it’s a 3 race day ) are for the Ladies Trophies. ( Interestingly the “deed of gift” in the trophy book actually says best 2 results out of three. It also says the winner must be a member of the club. And it says “open to all classes sailing 5 or more boats” but we’ll ignore that bit! )
Plural because we have two. One is for the first lady on handicap whether helm or crew. The other is the Lady Helmsman’s trophy. ( that’s what it’s called ; note that it was presented in 1971 by Lorry Young and J Trumble. ) ( Which J I wonder?)
So who is going to turn out to contest this silverware? There is no age limit so personally I fancy the chances of one MJ
Maybe newcomer Claire fancies her chances if her boat will stay together? Will the last winner turn out? She bought a boat but sadly we haven’t seen her. There are two Rodgerson ladies and two Enterprises in the family ; will we see them on a Sunday?
I strongly suspect at least one Enterprise will put in an appearance and my bet is on an all female crew to try and lift both trophies in the same boat. ( Well the crew crosses the line first so they must win surely?) Toppers are eligible so will a cadet lift the trophy? A 200? ( with a guest works jocky helm?) A 59er? A crew on a trapeze? There are endless possibilities.
Seriously if anyone wants to borrow a laser ( with a decent sail ) or even maybe an Enterprise see Mike S – he will be sailing his laser and hopes to see more than one or two of you on the start line.

Starting Time

Dear all

It seems a few of the Tynemouth sailors got caught out on the 1st Sunday sailing with South Shields as the race STARTED ON TIME !!

Might be useful to note that we perhaps have devloped a few bad habits over time with the Sunday start time being a bit flexible and determined when everyone got to the line. So ‘note to self’ (as I have the Solo back and looking lovely after some TLC) get down early to sort boat out to get to start line on time.


How did THAT get there ?

Well, we sometomes have to stall the start of races for all sorts of reasons – a big ship in the fairway, majority of sailors not at the start… but this was a first.

We had to hold the start of the racing for nearly an hour while the tide came in & the land rover started to float. By then the police, coastguard anyone with a flashing light o the top of the car was at the scene helping.

Pity the poor driver – a moments inattention and he was stuck.

Notice of race Sat 14 / Sun 15 July 2012


SATURDAY & SUNDAY 14 TH & 15TH July 2012

VENUE: Racing to be held at sea or on the Tyne Estuary, depending upon conditions.

Access to the water from Tynemouth Haven on the north bank of the Estuary adjacent to Tynemouth Castle. Changing and refreshment facilities available in the Clubhouse. Camping is permitted in the Port of Tyne ‘Blockyard’ approx 100m from the clubhouse.
PROGRAMME: 6 races programmed over the two days.

First race on Saturday Start at 2.00 pm. 2 nd & 3rd races  to follow (back to back). Sunday’s racing to start at 11.00am. 2 further races to follow (back to back). CLASSES: Separate starts for each class.

TIDES: High Water at 12.52 hrs on Saturday July 14 th and 13.57 hrs on Sunday 15 th July

RACING RULES: All races to be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012. The Exoneration Penalty and RYA Arbitration of the Rules Disputes Procedures will be available to competitors. See official Notice Board for details.

BREIFING: There will be a briefing in the clubhouse at 1.00 pm on Saturday 14 th July.
SCORING: If 4 or more races are sailed, one result may be discarded. Scoring as per Appendix A low point. ENTRY FEE: Enterprises: £20.00 per boat. Lasers: £15.00 per boat. Enter on arrival in Clubhouse. Sailing Instructions will be provided on receipt of entry.
APRES SAIL: A ‘hog-roast’ will be held at the clubhouse after sailing on Saturday. Please buy tickets (£5.00 each) at reception. Competitors and their friends are also of course invited to congregate in the bar where further refreshment is offered