Youth Sailing

On Friday nights in the summer – typically about 12 weeks starting at Easter – there is a group of around a dozen young sailors that use the clubs smaller boats.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

  • What age do you take juniors from ?  From year 5
  • when are the sessions: Friday evenings 5:30  to about 7:30
  • is there anything for the parents to do?  yes, they can help get boats in the water, pull them up the beach after the session – and they need to stay on the beach.
  • Adults need associated membership – your child gets free membership from the fee.
  • Do the youth trainees need any specialist kit ? No, we provide wetsuits and buoyancy aides. (You might like to get gloves, hat & wet boots for added comfort)
  • do they need to be able to swim? Ideally yes, but its not a must.
  • How do i book a place: Go to our webcollect booking pages, here