RYA 1 & 2 Courses

Worldwide, the main training courses for dinghy sailing are developed by the Royal Yacht Association – we provide RYA courses at Tynemouth.  Most people start sailing with multi day courses normally referred to as RYA1 (the basics, safety) and RYA2 (start to sail without supervision)

There is a separate set of RYA courses and qualifications, Competent Crew, Day Skipper etc. for those who want to learn to sail yachts – and we don’t provide those at the club as we don’t have facilities for those larger boats. Sailing basics are the same but sailing a dinghy is more demanding than sailing a yacht and dinghy courses do not cover navigation, mooring or anchoring.

The RYA has more details here for both dinghy and sail cruising courses, but feel free to contact us to inquire – we typically run RYA dinghy courses at Tynemouth early enough in the season so you can continue into Sunday morning adult learners sessions to really get a feel for the sport. Don’t feel the need to wait for that though – contact us or just turn up when we will be at the club

The club has all the gear you will need – just turn up willing to learn and if the weather is good you will have a great time. If the wind is too strong (occasionally happens) we delay until later weeks.

Each course is typically held across 2/3 days of a weekend with fallback dates if the weather should be too poor for sailing.

follow the link (right on desktop, below on mobile) to our webcollect forms where you can book places. On that booking page you can see further details, a “what to wear” sheet, medical forms etc to fill and bring with you.